Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Meet Asa Nacona Big Mountain,
aka Wandering Star. . .


Asa Nocona when we first met him in May 2003. Asa was the inspiration for a character in a Rosanne Bittner book.       I am frequently asked where the inspiration for my characters comes from. Sometimes, my readers send it to me -- as in the case of this young man, Asa Nocona Big Mountain. While I was writing Book #2 of my Mystic Indian Series, I kept his picture near my computer as inspiration for describing Stalking Wolf's son. His photographs are still part of my office decor.

       When Asa was 4-1/2 years old, his mother, who is one of my fans, graciously gave me permission to put his picture and story into my website so that I can share them with all of you. Over the years, we have all watched him grow up through his photographs. (On this page, you can see Asa at ages 9, 11, 15, 17, and 20.)

Asa Nacona, age 11 years.       In the Comanche language, "Asa" means "Star" and "Nocona" means "Wanderer." His father, a Native American Dancer, chose Wandering Star as Asa's Indian name.

        Asa's ancestors include Chief Big Mountain, a full-blooded Comanche who was born in 1877 and died in 1954. Chief Big Mountain performed as one of the original riders in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, starting a tradition in which all of his descendants have followed. Late in his life, Chief Big Mountain married Princess White Dove, a young Apache maiden. Asa's grandfather, also called Big Mountain, was the eldest of their six children. Big Mountain, in turn, married a member of the Mohawk tribe, and their son was Little Deer, Asa Nocona's father. So, Wandering Star carries Comanche, Apache, and Mohawk blood on his father's side--while his mother is from England! This boy reflects the best of both worlds.

Asa Nocona Big Mountain at age 15.       Even at four-and-a-half, Asa Nocona was already following in the Big Mountain family tradition. He learned a simple version of the Eagle Dance, which he performed for his classmates at school, and later mastered the Hoop Dance.

       At 15, Asa was working hard at school, and had taken and recieved the first of his GCSE exam results in Biology, Chemistry and Physics with an excellent result. He planned to take Advanced Science with a view towards his future goals of studying Zoology. At at that time, his eventual aim was to work with the killer whales at Seaworld, in their study and training program.

       However, Asa has taken a different, though not totally unexpected path. When he was 17, he was accepted at the Isle of Wight Music College (otherwise known as Platform One).... It was obvious to his family that he is heart and soul in music -- his mother says he's a born bass guitar player (loves rock metal mostly). According to his mom:

Asa at age 17-1/2

     "[After two years at what is called BTEC level], he is now studying for an Honours Degree (BA/Hons) in Commercial Music. The degree guarantees him an album, performances at recognised concerts such as the Isle of Wight Festival (huge!!!) together with things such as recording/sound engineer/studio experience etc.

     "He lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, dreams, talks music constantly. His band 'Nocona' is named after his second name. He and his band are currently arranging a charity music event in aid of the 'Kissy Puppy Appeal' in memory of little girl Sophie Rolf who sadly died from an inoperable brain tumour last year at age 5. The event is part of his degree course but they decided they wanted to donate the profits to the Appeal rather than keep them.

Asa Nocona at 20.     "He likes to come out in my convertible car, put the top down and blast out his favourite sounds (educating the Isle of Wight musically). Asa also works on the Isle of Wight Ghost Walks and Paranormal Investigations with his Mum. He is still dating his girlfriend Ellie who he was at school with! He has just turned 20!

     "The band Nocona has a Facebook page -- look for NoconaBand, with the Indian Feather logo, on the Isle of Wight (there is a US band with the same name, so be sure to look for the Indian Feather!). You can also see Nocona's music video on YouTube and listen to two songs on"

       Asa is now 6'3" tall and towers over his Mother! He loves fishing, music, computer games and good books when he finds them. I hope that he considers my books among those!

       Please don't ask me to give you more information on Asa; I promised his mother that I would protect the family's privacy. However, feel free to Email me and say hello to them! I will forward your comments to Asa and his mother.

       When informed that he would be on my website and might hear from some of my readers, Asa replied, "Cool!"

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Note: The photos of Asa Nocona are copyrighted and used by permission. Please do not copy.
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