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Rosanne Bittner, March 2015

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2018 reissue of SONG OF THE WOLF I love the new cover [for SONG OF THE WOLF]! The book one of my favorites! I was staying with my parents in 2003 following a major surgery, and my dad picked up this book after I finished it. He fell in love with it too, and asked if I had any more books by Rosanne, so I gave him OUTLAW HEARTS. I wish he was still with us to read the sequels. He would have loved them too.

Caprice, 24 October 2018 (via Facebook)

I found my first Rosanne book at a flea market. Had a colorful interesting cover. It was the 1st book of Savage Destiny. I got to meet Zeke and Abby. After that there was nothing stopping me. I had to read everything she wrote .

Peggy, 27 September 2018 (via Facebook)

As I read Roseanne's books I feel part of her in these stories, by her description of the characters, the depth she goes to describe each one. It is her living through the heroine of the story and it makes the story that much more believable. As I read these books and the stories come alive to me. I feel like I am right there. To me many writers never achieve this level of writing when you can make someone get so involved in the storyline you actually think you are there. Roseanne Bittners is one of a few that can make me feel that way. I can't wait for her next book.

Betts, 27 September 2018 (via Facebook)


Ms. Bittner,

I discovered Jake and Miranda by reading the Last Outlaw 1st. Since then I have been able to purchase the other three books through our used book store or Amazon. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Outlaw Hearts series and hated that I read Last Outlaw 1st. There was times I felt the terror, agony and frustration that Jake and Miranda went through to be together. It was not only a book about love and endurance but about how important FAMILY really is to all of us. Regardless of your circumstances anyone can rise above them.

Thanks for a great heart warming series.

Bill, 23 September 2018

A WARRIOR'S PROMISE I’m reading [A WARRIOR'S PROMISE] now and the first thought I had while reading it (along with other books she has written) is that Roseanne Bittner should teach history because she has more knowledge about Native Americans than any history teacher I’ve ever had or my kids have ever had! I don’t even remember being taught about the atrocities they had to deal with! We studied and learned about Hitler, the Civil War and other wars but nothing about what Americans did to the Native Americans! Very upsetting and heartbreaking!

--Theresa, via Facebook, 18 March 2018


Ms. Bittner,

I have never contacted an author, but I must say I loved the Outlaw Heart series. Jake is the kinda of man that women dream of and that men wish they could be. The Harkner clan is great! I really don't want this series to end. Please keep writing about Jake and his family, please! I have read most of your books but in my opinion these Four were the best. My other favorite is Wildest Dreams.

Your books have helped me through a hard time. I lost my mother this past Oct and my youngest brother in December. Reading has always taken me on great adventures, but your books helped me cry and laugh, finally healing. Thank You so much!

I'm waiting for more Jake and of course LLoyd, little Jake and Randy.

(And can you hurry)?

Seriously though, can ya?

Ruth (26 February 2018)

The Last OutlawHello Mrs. Bittner,

I am sure you hear this often but I truly want you to know that you are an amazing author. Several years ago I came upon Outlaw Hearts. I honestly had no idea it was a series until approximately a year ago. I began collecting your novels. I currently have about 30 of them and intend to find the rest. With that being said, the Harkner family has been by far my absolute favorite of your stories. I have laughed and cried with every story. I just completed The Last Outlaw and am about to start A Chick-A-Dee Christmas. I just want you to know that I am a huge fan of your work and I look forward to reading much more. Thank you!

Rebeccah (8 January 2018)

The Last OutlawDear Rosanne.

I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed [the Outlaw Hearts] series. I am 60 years old and have read so many books in my life but this series is the best ever. Please continue on with the time period of historical western romance. I could reread these many time as the character of Jake Harkner is so great.

I am sorry that I cannot get into the contemporary romances but I have hope you will continue the historical western romance. I have now ordered Wildest Dreams, Thunder on the Plains, Paradise Valley and Desperate Hearts in the hope they will be similar. Please let me know what is closest to the Outlaw Series. And don't let up on the steamy romance you put into the books. Thanks so much.

Sherry, 23 November 2017

NOTE FROM ROSANNE: I think you will find nearly all my books similar as far as real history and great love stories. If you like series, I have several that I think you will love! Please check out Book List page for a list of all my books -- and direct ordering links for most of them!

The Last OutlawChristmas In a Cowboy's ArmsDear Rosanne.

I have been a fan of your books ever since I read the first book. I can't remember which one I read first. But I can tell you my favorites. Jake & Randy Harkner. I just LOVE Jake! I think I saw once where you had fallen in love with Jake. Well I have fallen in love with Jake too.

I love the guy on the front of the book. But I totally love Jake. He is my kind of man. I cannot help it. This man could make any woman's heart ache. He is everything a woman would want in a guy! Please tell me if Jake dies in this 4th book. I know I will cry if he does. I love Randy too. Just not as much as Jake.


THANK-YOU FOR MANY HOURS OF FUN reading. Please tell me if Jake dies in this fourth book. I am afraid to read it not knowing.

Sherry, 16 November 2017

NOTE FROM ROSANNE: Sherry, trust me, you will LOVE THE LAST OUTLAW! And please don't forget my "Jake" Christmas story, A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS, in the CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS anthology! It takes place after THE LAST OUTLAW, and, through an "unexpected character", Jake is filled with the spirit of forgiveness and joy, the celebration of the birth of Christ, and the beauty of Christmas giving.

I still read [your Savage Destiny] books. Over and over again. It’s like a movie that plays in my head while I read them. There are many parts where I actually truly cry and other parts where I smile and laugh. My favorite books ever! I own the original cover ones and then I bought the digital when I switched to my nook.

Rebecca, 22 October 2017

The Last OutlawThe Outlaw Series -- I have read all the great books of this series. I hope you will continue the series. Jake and Randy are the backbone of this country. I have already preordered the Christmas book that is coming out in October.

I lost my husband 5 years ago, and "Tennessee Bride" just seemed to fall into my hands. Since then I have on my EBooks 26 of your books. I loved the ones about the mountain men, and what really got me going was when I read "Sweet Prairie Passion", needless to say I could not stop until finished "Eagles Song", of course I used Kleenexs like they were going out of style.

My grandchildren are all grown, and tease me about not watching the soap operas, and started reading them. Bottom line is, I love your books. Please keep writing. I don't know if you will ever see this, but I just want to thank you for making my days a lot happier, just me and your books.

A Big Fan

Janelle, 12 September 2017

The Last OutlawDear Rosanne!

Outlaw Hearts was [my] first Rosanne Bittner book ... and I got hooked!! I have read, loved and enjoyed all of the Outlaw Series books but The Last Outlaw is the best yet!!

Such a touching and loving family. The whole book was amazing but the last few chapters really pulled at my heart strings!! There were times that I laughed and times that I cried! It won't be long before I read it again!! Folks it's that good!! You want to see how it ends but you really don't want it to end!! I know this sounds rambling and probably weird but the main thing is that I REALLY ENJOYED IT! and can't wait for more from you!!

Love and hugs your way!!!

Ruth K, 10 September 2017

Thank you, Rosanne, for so many hours of pleasure and learning! Your wonderful books "Time traveled" me back to those days and taught me much about the different tribes, their lifestyles and demise. I learned to appreciate and love "the People" through learning their history through your own studies and stories. Thank you so much for so many hours of being transported to another time and place in history and experiencing the pristine beauty of the land as it was then and its people!

Barbara Christian, 29 July 2017

It is very seldom that I wish a book would be made into a movie, but MONTANA WOMAN would make a fantastic movie. Just the story of a woman wanting to prove first to herself then to others that she is capable of not only surviving in a hostile wilderness but also succeeding. What a story of courage, fortitude, and the ability to look to the future and fight for what she wants.

This is the story of Jo Masters. Yes, it is also a love story between two broken people who finally find love again (no spoilers so no details) but the main story is Jo's travel to the wilds of Montana and her ability to cope with everything that is thrown at her, especially her old nemesis. If you don't read this book, you will have missed on of the best books of this lifetime.

And to Rosanne Bittner, thank you for your imagination and your writing which took me to another time and another place and made my heart cry and smile for a while. I will be reading more of your books.

Again, thank you Roseanne Bittner.

Cricket McDonnell, 21 May 2017

NOTE: MONTANA WOMAN will be reissued soon by Amazon, with a brand-new cover, in both e-book format and print-on-demand!

Lawless LoveThis weekend I fully reread LAWLESS LOVE, and let me say, the 3 years that past between my first read and now, while I remembered some things, I was thrilled to find it almost a new adventure for me. Mandy and Moss buried themselves deep in my heart and I adored watchin' the old outlaw find and fall in love with and protect his innocent girl. Swoon!!

Thanks for having your older books available now on Kindle for me to be able to re-experience (although I do treasure my paperbacks, too!).

Michelle R, 22 November 2106

UnforgettableDear Rosanne,

UNFORGETTABLE was captivating, spontaneous, & nail-biting. This is the second time I have read this book and I believe I loved it even better this time through. Ally and Ethan kept me on pins and needles, at times I was trying to scream some sense into both of their stubborn minds. I love how Rosanne Bittner's heroines are strong willed ladies who can stand up for themselves against adversary after adversary. Her heroes are strong minded men who know how to treat a lady, even though she drives him crazy. This is a fantastic book. This book is very special to me because I have visited all the places that this book is set in, and I know the area very well, so this is a close one to my heart. Never a disappointing moment with a Bittner book.

Tonya (1 November 2016)


OMG!!! I would say that [LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE] is probably the best book I have ever read. And yes I hated to see it end. I agree with you one hundred percent, I have fallen in love with Randy and Jake also, and their entire family.

I honestly hate to see the series end after your next book. You have put so much detail about each character in your books from the children to the grandchildren, I feel like I know them. I wish you would consider writing more books about them, and what about little Jake? What a story he could make with a grampa like Jake.

I know you probably have other book you'd like to write but you have so much potential in this whole series for more best seller books. Please give it some thought and keep writing those wonderful books I keep enjoying.

Thanks again

Barb (12 September 2016)

I wanted to pay tribute to someone who has taken me on a journey. A journey through mountains, and desert plains and prairie grasses and a journey through so many emotions that I just can't even begin to name them all. She has lifted me up when I was down. She has made me love these characters like I know them in person. She has created an alternate world for me to escape to when I need a break from this one. She takes me back into a time where things were simpler and people were friendlier, but at the same time more dangerous. She makes me laugh and she makes me cry. So I ... pay tribute to a woman who has given me so much, this is just my little way to say Thank You Rosanne. You inspired me.

Dale, 31 August 2016

Intense...Emotional...Simply phenomenal... Rosanne Bittner's Savage Destiny series deserves to be made into a t.v. mini series, if not a movie..., but how does one put into action one great love story with historical events to boot?.. A story of love, family, friends, change and destiny... Zeke and Abbie will surely worm their way into your heart and insist on staying there forever... Even the supporting characters you will forever love... What's the best way to learn history in an entertaining way, but through Rosanne Bittner...

Jo (26 July 2016)

In the Shadow of the Mountains, reissued in Jan. 2016Hello my friend.....

Wanted to let you know ... I just finished IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS. How I missed that book all these years! This book made me feel like I was there, In Denver, watching the rise of a city,,, and the heart break and tragedies of the Kirkland family. One word: WOW! Thank you for putting these stories to print and leaving them in our Hearts. YOU ROCK , DEAR LADY!

Now patiently waiting on LOVES SWEET REVENGE. Wish i could read it sooner, but all good things comes to those who wait.

Tonya C. (7 July 2016)

Hello, Rosanne--

My name is Dawn and I teach First Grade. I have been a voracious reader since I was a kid and I came across your books recently. I loved Jake and Miranda and have pre-ordered the third book.

I am currently halfway done with book 5 of the Savage Destiny series and I have got to say these are the best books I have ever read. ... I am of African-American descent, but there is so much of a mix in me that I didn't know where to fit in at times, so Zeke's struggle with two worlds was something I could identify with.

I know this is a work of fiction with historical knowledge tied in as well, but I would like to thank you for educating me about the wrongs that were done to the Native people. We barely touch upon it in schools just like in the past African-American history was looked over. I just wish there was more empathy to bringing their culture out more. The Native people are virtually ignored and it is a shame. In order to educate myself more I have decided to attend a Powwow that will be held at Stone Mountain in November. ... I want to expose myself to the Native culture more. We do a lot at the schools for the Hispanic population and of course African American, but I would love to incorporate Native American culture in my teaching as well.

Your books have made me cry, my heart pound and have bought out more emotions to me than I can explain. ... The one thing your books show is that love and happiness don't come without a price. Your books are realistic and not "fairy tailish" ; you have to truly be willing to compromise, fight, and cry to have love. ... I also especially can appreciate that Jake and Miranda and even Zeke and Abigail had healthy attitudes about middle aged sex and weren't afraid to let their kids know that they just didn't "sleep" side by side and not touch. I'm really happy that you have found a new audience for your books and definitely count me as one.

The funny thing was I had been planning to catch up with the Outlander Series. I was on Book 6. I got so involved in Savage Destiny I don't think I will get to it this summer. I was also half watching Outlander last night because kept reading Book 5 of Savage Destiny; lol! Look out Diana Gabaldon, I think you are giving her a run for her money.

Dawn (5 June 2016)

In the Shadow of the Mountains, reissued in Jan. 2016 In The Shadow Of The Mountains, is eloquently written, very compelling. Bea and David Kirkland's rise from poverty to wealth and becoming a huge part of developing the Queen City of the West, Denver, CO., all from secretly loving and raising a little Cheyenne Indian girl, Morning Dove, also known as Irene, who never knew her true identity or that she was also a twin. This book will Leave you enthralled. This is a book of secrets, deception, revenge, and family. It's a must read that will forever hold your heart.

Tonya (26 April 2016)

Wildest Dreams mass market paperback reissue, January 2016I have never read a book by you and I can't understand why. I just picked up Wildest Dreams and I haven't even gotten to the part where they get married or go to Montana, but I am in love with the book. I love long books with great stories and you seem to have it down pat. I am going to enjoy your book and pick up others as well. What great reading I'll be having. Thank You.

Nancy (10 January 2016)


My review for Arizona Ecstasy:

There is nothing fiercer than that of an Indian warrior's heart, both in love and in war. And Lisa Powers has seen through the heart of the fearsome but handsome warrior Chaco, and found a love that knows no bounds. Arizona Ecstasy will take you to the final years and battles of the Apache Indians, and Chaco's own battle to find himself and where he truly belongs. A story of love, friendship, family, and brotherhood, that will truly touch your heart. Another Rosanne Bittner classic. 5 stars for this one.

Jo (30 December 2015)

Wildest Dreams mass market paperback reissue, January 2016Good morning Rosanne,

I just finished the book WILDEST DREAMS. Wow what a great book. Although Randy and Jake's story are still by far my favorite of any books I've ever read, This came in a close second. I am always amazed at your books and the amount of effort I know you put into each and everyone of them. Your books have a lot of heart and character.

Thank you again for another great read.

Barb (18 September 2015)


2015 reprint of OUTLAW HEARTSDO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTSGot to give a copy of each Outlaw Hearts and Do Not Forsake Me to a complete stranger at Barnes and Noble today. While waiting to check out I was chit chatting with two young ladies in line and we were talking about how many times we read the same book over and over and of course I had to do an advertisement for you and Jake. One of the young girls said her mom loved Western Romance. So I told the cashier to put 1 set of the books in a separate bag and I gave to young lady and told her to give to her mom.

I was buying copies to give to people I know but it just felt good to share Rosanne with a complete stranger

Glenda (9 August 2015)

DO NOT FORSAKE ME, the sequel to OUTLAW HEARTSRosanne,

As I finished the last sentence of this phenomenal book, tears spring from my eyes. Very few authors have a way of bringing such characters into your life and holding on to your heart after the story has ended. We are very lucky to be living during a time when the true Queen Of Historical Romance, Rosanne Bittner, keeps delivering epic novels that are forever engraved in our hearts.

DO NOT FORSAKE ME is such an emotional roller coaster. Jake and Randy have totally engulfed me. Truly the heartwarming epic and long awaited sequel to the beloved Outlaw Hearts we all have waited 20 years to read. Phenomenal!!!!

Tonya (20 July 2015)

Hi Rosanne,

I have just finished reading Thunder on the Plains and simply had to write and tell you how spectacular it was. I was completely absorbed. The story sucked me in and wouldn't let me go. It was not the typical historical romance you read, all melodramatic sex scenes and no substance. This story felt like it could be real. I half expected to read your author's notes and find out it was based on a true story or real people.

.... To me this story rivals any Nicolas Sparks novel of love conquering all. I can tell you the suspense drove me insane, of wondering when Colt and Sunny would run into each other again, would they be brave enough to seize their love this time, and then the frustration of watching them part ways again and go about their lives trying to forget each other. I was desperate to know how it would end and I began to doubt they would ever actually end up together. I would think about Colt and Sunny all day at work, my heart broke for Colt so many times over, and I would stay up late reading and make myself bleary eyed and tired for work the next day. I would LOVE to see this book get screen rights and the characters to be brought to life [in a movie].

... Your novels inspire me to be a real writer and not some mills and boon flash in the pan. I love how much substance they have compared to other romance novels. As I said before, it's as if the stories are of real people.

Anyway, the purpose of my email was simply that people don't hear often enough the praise they should and I so wanted to tell you how much I loved your book. I hated it while loving it. Hating it for keeping me in such suspense but loving it for all that it was. :)

Kindest regards,

Rhiannon (26 March 2015)

Follow Your Heart is one of the best inspirational Christian books I've ever read. Rosanne Bittner is the best historical writer, ever. This book is so touching and moving that I made need to read it again. Forgiveness and Love are both priceless gifts from God. She hit this one out of the park.

Tonya (3 January 2015)

Hi Rosanne--

I'm the retired teacher from upstate NY who discovered Thunder on the Plains last winter in Florida. I now own 35 of your wonderful books and I brought Sioux Splendor with me on a trip out west this month. What a thrill to read about Little Bighorn in your book and then go there the next day!! I even saw Red Wolf listed as an army scout!! I envision seeing the Indians and buffalo all over these beautiful hills and mountains. How sad and disgusting we stole it from them!! I enjoy reading your books and learning what it was really like. Thank you very much!

Susan (25 July 2014)


I love your Native American romance novels like I love chocolate !! And they are as addicting as a bag of potato chips.

Kathy, via Facebook (14 April 2014)


I thought I had read the greatest saga ever after reading the Savage Destiny Series. I stand corrected. The Blue Hawk Series, Calab and Sarah's story was equally impressive, you have outdone yourself again. I still say I've learned more about our great American history through your books, than I ever learned in school or in college. You are the Cream Of The Crop when it comes to a great story. Thank you for your talent and for sharing with us fans.

Your friend & fan forever:

Tonya (21 March 2014)

NOTE: The BLUE HAWK Series is now available in e-reader format! Please see my List of All My Books Available in E-Reader Formats page for ordering details! For more on the Blue Hawk Series, please click here.

Hello Rosanne!!

...Not many books can actually take a hold of my emotions, and let me tell you, [the Savage Destiny] series was a complete surprise to me! In a good way of course!

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely loved this series. . . . I had been looking for Native American romance themed books for a while, weeks even. Many of them were very much alike and really didn't quite capture my attention. . . . I was itching for something somewhat different. Something that would really make me feel like, "Yep, this could have happened."

I searched and searched until it led me to a "good read shelf". For some reason I kept seeing "Sweet Prairie Passion" each place I happened to look. . . . I decided to read [it] and I was hooked from the start. You are an amazing and very talented author. It was like watching a film. The scenes were so vivid. You really know how to paint a picture for your readers, and not to mention that Cheyenne Zeke.

Let me tell you, your series had me busy for a while. I laughed, cried, goodness. I was so sucked into Zeke and Abbie's story. Never have I read a series that really carried me through their lives. I truly felt like a fly on the wall! Their marriage, having babies, going through hard times, it was beautiful.

Usually when I read romances they are "too good to be true". I don't want to down on them all because because I love Romance stories and the mushy goodness that follows. I just loved how realistic is was for me. You really did your homework! I wondered if at any time it would get dark for their relationship. . . . My first thought was "No way anything bad would happen to this 'perfect' couple," boy did you put me in my place. My jaw dropped quite a few times! I am glad that you did a 180 a couple times throughout the story. It really was something and I wasn't used to. It brought about many different emotions (a lot of Kleenex!), but that makes a good author. My goodness, Zeke and Abbie are one strong couple. They weren't perfect, and I loved how you didn't make him the perfect man. They were only human. That was one thing I really loved.

I am so happy that I got to experience this series. I will forever treasure their love story. I have to be honest I was very upset when Zeke ended up dying. I can't imagine how it was for you as the creator of these characters. I often hear that characters are very close to an author's heart. I give you major kudos for being able to step up to the plate and bite through the tough times.

The one thing that truly bothered me was Abbie didn't get her Zeke back after he had passed on. She didn't get to lay his body to rest. Instead, Wolfs Blood took him to where he wanted to be laid to rest. After thinking about it and crying for Abbie I finally got the courage to continue reading my way through the sixth book. I thought about this particular moment and I remembered the moment when he was playing his mandolin for her and asking her to remember him this way. He wanted her to remember him alive and full of life. Not dead and just an "empty shell" as you put it in the book. My goodness, this story really was an emotional roller coaster. I am so happy with the end of the seventh book. They are finally together and that was enough for me as a reader.

Thank you, thank you! These were truly the best books I have EVER read. I just had to let you know.

Mallory, 12 February 2014

Please note: A full list of all my past titles and ordering information are provided elsewhere in this web site!





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