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News, News, and Even MORE News!


Coming on Tuesday, 2 June: OUTLAW HEARTS! Meanwhile, here's this week's Sneak Peek at DO NOT FORSAKE ME, Coming in July!

Banner that will be over my table at the Romantic Times Convention in May 2015"[A] refreshing view of enduring love that survives the dangers of the Old West. Jake is a man of his time who feels deeply possessive of Miranda, and though Bittner takes pains to describe her as a strong woman, she’s also quite willing to yield to her man. There’s plenty of drama, including gunfights and multiple brushes with mortality, amid great storytelling that readers will savor." -- Publisher's Weekly, 12 May 2015 (Read entire review here.)

     (Jake has been in a fight and has a bad cut on his face. He and Lloyd are hunting outlaws and have stopped at a saloon for information. Jake is talking to men at a card table. I love this because it shows Jake’s subtle sense of humor, which comes through in several places in this book.)

     “Just a game of cards,” Jake answered. “I’ve been on the trail a while and need some down time. I’m tired of all the bullshit of this job. Had to come through Hell’s Nest on my way to my next stop, so figured we’d get in a little card game.”

     “Is that your name for this place?” another asked.

     “Can you think of a better one?”

     “Guess not. It’s just as good as any.” He looked Jake over. “What happened to your face?”

     Jake lit a cigarette. “A little run-in with a shovel.”

     “Did you fight back?”

     “Beat it near to death,” Jake joked.

     “More like whoever owned the shovel, I expect.”

     “Something like that.”

     (All the while Jake is very alert to every single man in the room and who might have the information he needs. Something happens next that shakes up everybody in the saloon and reminds all of them that, joking or not, nobody crosses Jake Harkner!)


Pre-order DO NOT FORSAKE ME in paperback and all e-reader formats!

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DO NOT FORSAKE ME on the cover of the July 2015 issue of RT Magazine.       I'm home from the RT Convention in Dallas and working hard on my third "Jake" book! I had a wonderful time at RT, and will have some pictures for you as soon as I catch my breath. Meanwhile -- I'm so excited that DO NOT FORSAKE ME is the cover story of the July issue of RT Magazine, which is online now! Here is that fantastic cover -- they call me an "emotional powerhouse"! If you're interested, please see Romantic Times Magazine's website to subscribe to their magazine, either in print or the on-line edition. A great read for all you fans of romance!

       Wow, just a little over a week until OUTLAW HEARTS is re-released, and then another month before DO NOT FORSAKE ME comes out in July. PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY has already given DO NOT FORSAKE ME an outstanding review, calling it "[A] refreshing view of enduring love that survives the dangers of the Old West." (You can entire review here.) I'm so nervous -- hope all of YOU love these books, too! I'm planning some wonderful promotional events, including giving away two framed sets of 8 1/2" x 11" prints of the cover art (without the wording) of both books, and one framed set of 17" x 22" size. (Click here for details and photos of the prints.) Keep checking back for details on how to enter the drawings! (If you're interested in how this gorgeous art is created, please take a look at the video "Artist JON PAUL -- The Art of Romance." )

       I am now well into writing LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE (Jake #3). It's 1896 and things are changing. Jake can't take the law into his own hands any more ... or can he? Where there's a will, there's a way, especially when you're Jake Harkner. A publication date of Sepbemter 2016 has been assigned to LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE, and the cover, also by Jon Paul, has been completed -- oh, how I wish I could share it with you!

       Meanwhile, OUTLAW HEARTS and DO NOT FORSAKE ME are available for pre-order, in print and e-book editions! Pre-order now, and the books will be shipped as soon as they are released! That will be 1 June 2015 for OUTLAW HEARTSand 7 July 2015 for DO NOT FORSAKE ME. (Please note: be sure if you pre-order both that you specify they are to be shipped separately! Otherwise, OUTLAW HEARTS may not be on its way to you until 7 July when they ship DO NOT FORSAKE ME!)

       Sourcebooks has many promotions scheduled for DO NOT FORSAKE ME, too, including a Spotlight Blog Tour (20 May - 8 June)! Click here for links to the blogs and dates!

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       My novella INDIAN SUMMER, which is a prequel to FULL CIRCLE, has been reissued both as an ebook novella and as part of the reissue of 1994's CHERISHED MOMENTS anthology! I have a beautiful new cover for INDIAN SUMMER, which is the story of Maggie Gibbons, mother of FULL CIRCLE heroine Evelyn Gibbons! For more information, please click here! And, to order in all e-reader formats, please see my E-book List page.

        MYSTIC DREAMERS, MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS are now available in all e-book formats! To order, please see my E-book List page. In case you're wondering how I happened to write this series -- Many years ago I read an article about a stone medicine wheel on the top of Medicine Mountain in the Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming. The moment I read about this stone medicine wheel, I knew I wanted to write a book that would be based around this sacred site. Read more here.

Thunder on the Plains mass market paperback reissue, Oct. 2015       Wow, WILDEST DREAMS and THUNDER ON THE PLAINS, which were reissued by Sourcebooks Casablanca three years ago in trade paperback, will be reissued YET AGAIN in mass market paperback! They will have brand new, more dramatic covers similar to DO NOT FORSAKE ME. Tentatively, THUNDER ON THE PLAINS is scheduled for October 2015 and WILDEST DREAMS for January 2016. I will post the new covers when they are available. (If you are new to my writing, you can read more about THUNDER ON THE PLAINS and WILDEST DREAMS on my new Sourcebooks Casablanca page.) Pre-order THUNDER ON THE PLAINS in the new Mass Market Paperback edition here!

        And, in a matter of months, all 7 of my SAVAGE DESTINY books will be back in print- on- demand, with brand new covers!! I can't wait! I've also submitted a proposal for a new Indian/white historical romance called EMBRACE THE WIND, as well as a proposal for a sequal to PARADISE VALLEY. Yes, it's time to revisit Sage and Maggie!

       Love my books? Then I’m inviting you to become a member of my Heart of the West Street Team to help spread the word. You can watch for ways to help me promote my books, chat with other Street Team members, be the first to hear about new contests and giveaways -- and share the news with your friends! As a member of my Street Team you’ll earn my gratitude and maybe a few other prizes -- including chance to have a character in my next book named after you, as well as chances to win autographed books in a monthly special drawing for Street Team members only and a drawing each release month for a $25 Amazon Gift Card with TWO WINNERS! You can read all the details, including how to sign up, here!

       Thanks, everyone, for your awesome response to my 2014 new release, DESPERATE HEARTS! I've had some wonderful book signings and gotten some great reviews on this one. DESPERATE HEARTS is set in 1880's Montana and is packed with "wild west" action, a good share of humor, and lots of romance!. (Read more about DESPERATE HEARTS here, and find ordering information for all e-reader formats on my E-book List page)

       Remember, I can now "Authorgraph" my e-books -- which means I can send you personalized digital inscriptions for any of my books offered in e-reader format! Click here for details and available e-books. You can include a message to me to receive a personalized inscription that you can view in your favorite reading apps and devices -- including a printable pdf that you can glue inside your printed book!

       And if you want a print book autographed for yourself or before you “gift” it, just e-mail me privately at for mailing information, and I will pay the postage to send the signed books back to you!

Rosanne Bittner and other book seller sites encourage readers to leave comments. If you loved my books -- let people know via the Reviews section of, Barnes &, and any others you can think of! Your review might be the one that convinces a new reader to buy a Bittner book!

       By the way, if you can't make it to one of my personal appearances, and would like a print book signed, I'll autograph a label for you to stick in your book! Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (or a self-addressed envelope and an international reply coupon if you live outside the United States) to: P. O. Box 1044, Coloma, MI 49038 and I'll get a signed label right back to you.

        I still have several extra copies of some OLDER BOOKS that are no longer available! Many of these books have been previously read, but some are brand-new. You can order these older titles, as well as my recently reissued books, directly from me and I will sign them for you -- or for a friend who loves a good read.

       I also have available THE TOUCH OF LOVE, a 46-page short story/ novella about Robert Kingsley, the half-Indian boy raised by Rising Eagle of my Mystic Indian trilogy, which was previously only available by download from In action, it falls between MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS (Books 2 & 3).

       Please Email me if you're looking for a specific book, or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me at P. O. Box 1044, Coloma, MI 49038 for a newsletter that lists books I have available.

       Many thanks for your continuing e-mails and notes. They have certainly brightened my inbox. So many of you are telling me which of my books you have read and loved, and why they are your favorites -- and are looking forward to reading a new Rosanne Bittner book. I have been sharing your messages with my agent, as well as all of my readers via my Guestbook page!


Rosanne with her replica Colt .45

A Colt .45, much like the gun my heroes use - and my own .30-.30 rifle. The Colt is surprisingly heavy and requires a strong hand and arm to draw, cock and fire in one swift movement. That would take a LOT of practice!

Because of the large number of requests I receive for full lists of my books, the Books In Print section of this website is frequently updated to reflect my latest releases, as well as listing all of my past works. I have also added a My Books Now Available in E-Reader Formats page with ordering links for all e-reader formats. You can also use the "Search" link below to find new, used, and Kindle versions of my books on! Associate





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