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Holly Clip artLet the Holiday Celebrations Begin!

     What better way to usher in the holiday season that with a party? On 2 December 2016, I'll be joining more than a dozen other authors at Get Lost In A Story's 5th anniversary Facebook party, showcasing the BEST OF THE BEST in historical romance! The party runs all day, from 9 am - 9 pm EST, and I'll be "visiting" at 10 am. Click here for more info on the event.

     We'll be sharing, among other things, our "best of the best" -- be it books, movies, birthdays, you name it! There will be a drawing with lots of free books and flash giveaways throughout the day. I am giving away a set of my 3 Bride books and also OUTLAW HEARTS and DO NOT FORSAKE ME. See you there!


My 2015 Christmas decorations       Just finished decorating for Christmas. I always like to have it done in time for Thanksgiving. And we all have so much to be thankful for -- starting with living in this great country where we are free. It's time to be careful and not allow those freedoms to be lost. Love and Happy Holidays to all!

       2015 has been such a wonderful year for my writing, and I recently received some more great news: DO NOT FORSAKE ME has been nominated by Romantic Times for Best Historical Romance of the Year for their 2015 Reviewer's Choice Awards!!! The award will be given at the RT convention next year in LAS VEGAS! Please keep your fingers crossed for Jake, Abby, and me! I have some details about the Convention on my Personal Appearances page. (And if you are new to my books, you can read about DO NOT FORSAKE ME here.)

       Meanwhile, "Jake #3," LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE, is coming in September 2016, and I'll post the new cover sometime early next year. You get a peek at it inside the cover to DO NOT FORSAKE ME, but it's so much more beautiful in color. I sure wish I could convince Sourcebooks to print the book sooner, but they have a production schedule for all of their books and not just mine! I'm throwing in a big teaser here - I can't wait for reader comments from those who "catch on" to the mention of a "secret character" in #3!! I've decided that if I'm going to set books in areas and time periods in which important characters in some of my other books lived, then for the sake of realism, some of those characters from past books should be mentioned!

Rosanne Bittner       Through all of this I am still writing, writing, writing! Writing is my source of energy. NOT writing actually affects me physically and mentally. I'm working on my new Indian romance, and getting really involved with these characters now, which is vital to a good Bittner story! Thanks to long-time reader/ fan Barbara C, who gave me the name idea, the hero in my Indian romance will be called Two Wolves! Meantime, I've sent off my proposal for Jake #4 - THE LAST OUTLAW - something stunning will happen in that one that will blow your minds! It will be a real shocker - And again it involves Jake's past.

       I have discovered something about writing that I should have known for all these 30(+) years of sitting at the computer for thousands of hours and getting arthritis in my lower back and suffering shoulder and wrist inflammation and having carpal tunnel surgery and going through the incredible highs and lows of writing for a living: having the talent to write can be a curse! If I go too long without writing I literally get tired and depressed. .. It’s a nice curse in most ways, but there are moments when I want to tell that writing bug to leave me alone. It never works. In this case the “bug” isn’t something you go to bed for and sleep it off. If you go to bed and sleep you only get sicker. You have to get back to work in order to get well and keep the “bug” at bay. Such is the life of a writer. Read more here!

       I've recently been informed about a new distributor for my ebooks called All Romance e-Books LLC. I'll have direct ordering links on my E-book List page for all of my books as they have available! I've also discovered that is currently "bundling" several of my book series for Kindle! One click will purchase all seven Savage Destiny books or all three of either the Blue Hawk, Mystic Indian, or Westward America Series books -- in addtion to the Brides bundle! Direct ordering links for these are, of course, on my E-book List page.

       Speaking of new covers: my books are VERY popular in France; they have even translated some books that I didn't know about! Just for fun, take a look at what the covers for these books look like in the French vs American editions starting here. And to see all of my foreign covers, please click here! My books have been reprinted in Taiwan, Norway, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Russia, as well as France!

Thunder on the Plains mass market paperback reissue, Oct. 2015Wildest Dreams mass market paperback reissue, January 2016       While you wait for LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE, two of my older titles will be showing up soon on store shelves. WILDEST DREAMS and THUNDER ON THE PLAINS, which were reissued by Sourcebooks Casablanca three years ago in trade paperback, will be reissued YET AGAIN in mass market paperback, with brand new, more dramatic covers. THUNDER ON THE PLAINS hit the shelves on 6 October 2015 and WILDEST DREAMS is scheduled for 5 January 2016. Both are now available for order/ pre-order. (If you are new to my writing, you can read more about these books on my Sourcebooks Casablanca page.)

       New reviews of THUNDER ON THE PLAINS are pouring in, and it's so great to hear that this book is reaching all- new readers! Jonel B., says, "Bittner writes epic romance in the truest sense. She weaves magic through the pages as she takes readers back in time on a remarkable journey." (Read entire review here!)

       Another great review of THUNDER ON THE PLAINS from Kay Quintin of Fresh Fiction: "I started reading this wonderful book by Rosanne Bittner with no intention of doing it all in one sitting, but that's exactly what happened. I was so spellbound with the excitement and tragedy dealt to both these young people searching for real love, that I couldn't put it down. The tragedy of the Wild West and Indians molds Colt Travis into a man desperate for love, and provides a stimulating and terrific read. Sunny Landers is a strong, warm-hearted woman intent to lead, and one you can't help but fall in love with. THUNDER ON THE PLAINS was truly an inspiring and romantic tale that will take you on a wild and beautiful adventure like no other." (Read entire review here!)

 divider graphic   Order THUNDER ON THE PLAINS   divider graphic 

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       AND... there are plenty more of my older titles coming soon! I've sold thirteen more to Diversion Books, to be reissued with new covers and available for print-on-demand and as e-books. (Diversion has already reissued many of my other older titles. You can read more about these books on my brand-new Diversion Books page!) For all of you new to my writing, you will soon be able to get the following books; keep checking back for publication dates. All my stories involve real American history. I thought you might be interested in seeing the original publisher and publication date, as well as the theme involved in each title. It just struck me that many of these books, which are still in demand today, are older than some of my readers!

  • IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAINS, Bantam, 7/91; love story about the founding of Denver

  • TENDER BETRAYAL, Bantam, 10/93; Civil War North/ South love story

  • THE FOREVER TREE, Bantam, 3/95; High-born Spanish woman and a logger from New Eng.

  • TAME THE WILD WIND, Bantam, 10/96; Female owner of a stage station/ Native American

  • LAWLESS LOVE ; Zebra, 11/85; Outlaw/ Nun

  • RAPTURE'S GOLD , Zebra, 9/86; Female gold miner/ guide

  • HEART'S SURRENDER , Zebra, 2/88; Cherokee hero

  • SWEET MOUNTAIN MAGIC, Zebra, 3/90; Mountain Man/ pioneer woman

  • COMANCHE SUNSET, Zebra, 11/91; Comanche hero

  • CARESS, Zebra, 7/92; Kansas/Missouri border wars

  • SHAMELESS, Zebra, 2/93; Female Mexican horse thief/ American soldier

  • UNFORGETTABLE, Zebra, 1/94; Orphaned female/ soldier

  • LOVE'S BOUNTY, Zebra, 3/2000; Bounty Hunter/ female who hires him

The 2015 reissue of OUTLAW HEARTSNEW for 2015: DO NOT FORSAKE ME, the epic sequel to OUTLAW HEARTS       Meanwhile -- the reviews coming in on OUTLAW HEARTS and DO NOT FORSAKE ME are the best reviews for my books that I have ever received! I am so happy that my readers love these as much as I do! You can read some of those reviews here. And a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has left/ is leaving such great messages to prospective readers -- and to me -- on! Those reviews mean so much to me! Click here to read them all.

 divider graphic   Order OUTLAW HEARTS   divider graphic   Order DO NOT FORSAKE ME    divider graphic

 divider graphic   To order in all e-reader formats, please see my E-book List page!    divider graphic 

       Remember, I can now "Authorgraph" my e-books -- which means I can send you personalized digital inscriptions for any of my books offered in e-reader format! Click here for details and available e-books. You can include a message to me to receive a personalized inscription that you can view in your favorite reading apps and devices -- including a printable pdf that you can glue inside your printed book!

       And if you want a print book autographed for yourself or before you “gift” it, just e-mail me privately at for mailing information, and I will pay the postage to send the signed books back to you! Or, if you prefer, I can autograph a label for you to stick into your book.

        I still have several extra copies of some OLDER BOOKS that are no longer available! Many of these books have been previously read, but some are brand-new. You can order these older titles, as well as my recently reissued books, directly from me and I will sign them for you -- or for a friend who loves a good read. Please Email me if you're looking for a specific book!

       I also have available THE TOUCH OF LOVE, a 46-page short story/ novella about Robert Kingsley, the half-Indian boy raised by Rising Eagle of my Mystic Indian trilogy, which was previously only available by download from In action, it falls between MYSTIC VISIONS and MYSTIC WARRIORS (Books 2 & 3).

       Many thanks for your continuing e-mails and notes. They have certainly brightened my inbox. So many of you are telling me which of my books you have read and loved, and why they are your favorites -- and are looking forward to reading my upcoming new books. I have been sharing many of your messages with all of my readers via my Guestbook page!


Rosanne with her replica Colt .45

A Colt .45, much like the gun my heroes use - and my own .30-.30 rifle. The Colt is surprisingly heavy and requires a strong hand and arm to draw, cock and fire in one swift movement. That would take a LOT of practice!

Because of the large number of requests I receive for full lists of my books, the Books In Print section of this website is frequently updated to reflect my latest releases, as well as listing all of my past works. I have also added a My Books Now Available in E-Reader Formats page with ordering links for all e-reader formats. You can also use the "Search" link below to find new, used, and Kindle versions of my books on! Associate





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