Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Rosanne Bittner: Heart of the West

Tribute to Lashon,
My Little Friend of Friends


Lashon, my Bichon, waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge.

       4/16/2007: I buried my best friend today.

       She stuck by me for the past 16 1/2 years, through surgeries and family tragedies, through life's many changes. The only thing that never changed over those years was her, my fluffy, white, warm-bellied, oh-so-soft Bichon Frise. Her name was Lashon, and she was absolutely the best dog my husband and I have ever owned over our 41 years of marriage.

        She was loyal, lively, funny, comforting, and full of personality, with eyes that always told you what she was thinking or feeling, whether sadness, guilt, love, or joy. Mostly it was joy that shined in those big, dark eyes - eyes that grew cloudy over the years.

       In the end she could no longer hear my voice, but she knew just by looking at me what I was saying. She knew every single one of my habits, and my husband's. She even knew what day of the week it was, and that Saturdays and Sundays we didn't go to work. Through her whole life she was at my side, in a chair beside me at work every day, following me around the house, sleeping beside me every night.

       Those of you who have been through the death of a beloved pet know how I am feeling. I will mourn my dog for a long time to come. I haven't just lost a pet or just an animal. I feel like I've lost a real person who was my very best friend, the only friend who truly understood me, loved me in spite of all my flaws, and who never changed in her loyalty and affection.

       I think that's why we love our pets so much. They are so much more dependable than humans, and they never tells us "no." It's always "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll do whatever you want!" The look of love in their eyes never, ever changes. They never get angry with us or turn away, and they can be trusted implicitly.

       Some humans may have doubts about going to heaven, but I'm sure God is running out of room up there for dogs.

Lashon the Bichon, in my office, 17 July 2005.






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